The College of New Jersey

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Life Safety

The Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Services Life Safety Specialist is Thomas Schweitzer.  To contact Tom, please email or call extension 2881. Among other duties, Tom  works closely with various on campus and off campus resources to ensure the proper handling and code compliance associated with various specialized building safety systems on campus including, but not limited to:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Sprinkler, Standpipe, and Fire Pump Systems
  • Emergency Power Generators/ Inverters
  • Elevators
  • State-Registered Pressure Vessles
  • Kitchen Suppression Systems
  • Laboratory Fume Hoods

Impairment Management

The College’s Life Safety Specialist also serves as the Impairment Management Coordinator for The College of New Jersey.  Any unplanned/emergency impairments of the systems or equipment detailed above are to be brought to the attention of the the Life Safety Specialist.  Planned impairments are not to be performed without the express consent and approval of the Life Safety Specialist.  Planned/scheduled impairments should be brought to the attention of the Life Safety Specialist a minimum of 48 business hours in advance of the impairment.  Depending upon the nature of the impairment, the Life Safety Specialist may need to review the impairment on location with the individual(s) performing the work.